Lift Conversion Rates Risk-Free With Pluralis’ Crowd-Sourced Marketplace

January 6, 2013 No Comments by Aziz Kamara

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How would you like to increase your landing page conversions without spending any money on testing, risking virtually nothing? Recently, we came across an interesting website called Pluralis. Pluralis is a crowd-sourced marketplace that allows landing page designers/copywriters or “optimizers” to put their skills to work by connecting them with online businesses that are seeking to increase their conversion rates. Why should this interest you? Well, crowd-sourcing is simply outsourcing a task to a group of people and can be a great alternative to paying one specific business or individual a set amount for their services. Also, if Pluralis’ average resulting conversion rate lift doesn’t excite you, then perhaps the fact that it’s virtually risk-free will. Let’s take a look into Pluralis.

Creating a Contest

While Pluralis was built for businesses seeking to increase their conversion rates (Contest Holders) as well as individuals seeking to optimize landing pages (Optimizers), the main focus of this review will be aimed at the contest holders.

Description and Brief

Once you’ve created your Pluralis account, you can dive right in to creating a contest to increase your landing page conversions with just 6 steps by first clicking on the “Create A Contest” tab. The first two steps require that you create a Description and Brief. Here, you are simply required to give the url location of your landing page and offer page to which you would like to lead your users along with a set of guidelines for your landing page. You can provide content you want the optimizers to use as well as content that you don’t want optimizers to use. This is pretty useful because it allows you to give some directions to optimizers and increases the likelihood that you’ll get positive results.

Content Blocks

Next you can select which elements in your landing page that you would like to have optimized. Selection of each element, or “content block”, is a pretty straight forward process and gives you control over how much or how little variation you would like to see in your landing pages. Below is an example of a landing page where the contest holder has chosen to test their Call-to-Action, a strapline, some bulletpoints, and a couple of other elements indicated by a purple borders:

Landing Page Pluralis Contest

Rewards,Payment and Script

The fourth and perhaps most crucial step in any contest is the rewards section. Here, you determine what a conversion lift is worth to you and your site. However, you don’t need to decide on the same reward amount regardless of conversion lift. For instance, you can choose to pay the optimizer $1,400 for a conversion lift between 9-25% and $2,000 for anything greater, just like in the image below:

Pluralis Rewards

While keeping in mind that higher rewards will gain the attention of more optimizers, you get to choose how little or how much you are willing to pay for a conversion boost.

Lastly, you just need to set up a payment with Pluralis, granting them permission to charge up to the full reward amount if the respective conversion lift is achieved along with the $49.95 launch fee of your contest. Then you just insert Pluralis’ tracking script into your landing page and you’re ready to watch the landing page variations come in.

Initiating and Monitoring Your Contest

After a while, you will get some responses for your contest. Here you can either deny the optimizer’s landing page with some or no feedback on things you would like them to alter, or you can approve their page for testing. Once you’ve selected at least 4 landing pages, live traffic will be sent to your landing pages and the contest will have officially started. Next you can monitor the performance of the landing pages in your contest where things like total users, conversions, conversion rates, and conversion lift are all recorded.

Below is an example of one contest with the original landing page along with 4 variations from optimizers.

Pluralis Contest Stats

Once the contest has commenced, you can go in and view the various landing pages. This is a great opportunity to see if any of the optimizers implemented any of the ideas you had thus giving you something you can work with or avoid in the future depending on its performance.
As you can see, none of the landing pages actually resulted with a conversion lift. Meaning that ultimately, no winner will be determined and no reward will be paid. However, there’s good news. As the contest holder, if no winner is found, you can choose to restart the contest for a new round of submissions without being required to pay another launch fee.

However, if there is a tie in your contest the winners split the reward amount posted. Lastly, in the event that there is 1 winner, the single winner will receive the respective reward amount for the conversion rate lift they generated in a winner-take-all fashion. Thus your contest concludes and you’re left with a higher-converting landing page at a price of your own choosing.

Final Thoughts

There are some things that still need to be worked on with Pluralis. The most obvious is the design/editing interface from the optimizer’s side. Optimizers don’t need a any HTML or PHP knowledge to work on a page because Pluralis has developed a quick and easy designing interface that allows optimizers to click on content blocks and edit them on the spot with almost no coding. However, with Pluralis’ simplistic design/editing interface comes restrictions. Meaning that while you may see variations in copy and images, you’re not going to see innovative JavaScript elements, Bootstrap elements, etc… While this may not seem like a bad thing at first glance, you may find limitations in your landing page’s conversion lift.

However, you may not find that to be an issue. A rep from Pluralis informed me that they typically see conversion lifts between 11% and 25%. Combine that with the average reward of about $1000 and you may find Pluralis to be a much less expensive alternative to hiring copywriters and designers yourself. Keep in mind, if there is no conversion lift, you pay nothing; just re-launch the contest. This is a huge benefit to crowd-sourcing that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ultimately, Pluralis is an innovative product that you should definitely check out for yourself. It’s a great opportunity to increase your conversion rates at a price you set and with very little risk.