Automate POF Ads

POFpro is a self-hosted, one-stop platform to manage, automate, and optimize your marketing campaigns for the Plenty of Fish traffic source.

Our advanced integration with POF negates the requirement of any 3rd party tracking software and provides automation features like rule-based optimization, day-parting, mass uploading, and easy split testing.

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Deactivate ads and pause campaigns automatically by creating custom rules based on CTR, ROI, ads running, losses, and more. No more staring at metrics.

Once you have rules setup, all you have to do is fed ads into th emachine with our bulk uploader and let POFpro do all the work of finding profitable ads.

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Demand-side performance marketing software and digital marketing insights for agencies and advertisers

Grab Our Free POF Excel Tools

The POF Excel Bundle is a set of free Excel-based tools to help you get started immediately with some POF automation tasks like lining up spend, revenue, and ROI by creative, monitoring traffic volume, and resubmitting ads.

Plus, don’t miss:

  • Time-sensitive updates
  • Pre-release announcements
  • Exclusive subscriber-only offers

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March 17th, 2015

This is going to be a quick, but very important update for anyone who has created a POF Ads account ( in the past. POF Ads recently announced that they are no longer accepting new advertiser sign-ups indefinitely. They said that this is going to be a trial period to see if they can help existing affiliates succeed instead of bringing in new advertisers and affiliates, b[...]

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If you need to track up-sells for your campaigns, we've got you covered in this post. There are 2 ways to track up-sells, and there are benefits to each. Of course, we'll be demonstrating this with the best tracking platform on the planet: THRIVE. Method 1: One-Click Up-Sells This Method 1 allows you to add additional revenue from your up-sells to an existing sub ID that has already re[...]