Affiliate Summit East 2015 – A Whirlwind in New York

August 6, 2015 by Tom Fang 1 Comment

Every post that I’ve written about my experiences at Affiliate Summit East (ASE) has been about how each one was better than the last, and this one was no different.

It may very well have to do with the trajectory of my company, having grown year over year, and particularly this past year, we’ve been growing double digits percentage-wise every month.

Thrive has been seeing huge traction since it’s initial launch in October 2014. I was humbled and excited to hear that so many affiliates were seeing the trend and hearing great things about our product and customer support. We’ve gotten some of the largest affiliates due to our unique solutions for the problems that our competitors have.

Nonetheless, it’s simply that I’ve been in the industry long enough now to enjoy some of the fruits of the labor that I’ve put into networking with those who first look to provide value for others, and for that, I am very grateful.

This time, I got in a little earlier on a Friday, mainly to have dinner with some old college friends, who are all so very successful in their own right. I went to a very good school, and I’m very humbled by the peers I have. The network is getting stronger every single day.

My Affiliate Summits are mainly consisting of meetings nowadays, and each year, I still manage to meet dozens of new people. This time it consisted of potential new customers, current users of ours, and big companies for potential partnerships.

The whirlwind of meetings were very impactful on my business already, as I’ve followed up with many of the contacts, and they are all delivering as they’ve promised. This is another new effect that I am discovering as you stay in the game longer and longer.

In the beginning, when you are newer and smaller, people may flake on you more often. As you’ve built up your relationships over the years and you’ve worked hard to grow your company, your network simply becomes that much more resilient and responsive.

Having gone to the Summit so many times and having benefited from it so greatly, I decided to give back a little, so I volunteered for the Newcomer Program, where you show a first time attendee around a bit, give a few tips on how to navigate the conference, and also simply network and see how you can help each other.

I had an amazing experience with it and came out with someone I’d call an industry friend. Although he was relatively new to our industry, he was a big time executive at formerly Motorola.

I’m just glad that I was able to introduce him to a few valuable contacts. I think I’ll be doing the Newcomer Program again.

Overall, New York isn’t my favorite place, but every single time I go to ASE, I am so so glad that I went and was a little scared after the fact that I considered not attending, as the ASW show is so much bigger.

In any case, our business is showing such strong traction that the next challenge is going to be how to scale the company. If you’re looking for tracking and want to understand how the power users and high volume affiliates do it and why specifically to choose Thrive over our competitors, please get in touch!

Thrive Tracker Now Let’s You Create Sub-Users With Restrictive Access Roles

June 11, 2015 by Tom Fang No Comments

We have just launched a long-awaited add-on module to our ever-improving tracking product, THRIVE, that will hopefully be a game-changer and one that is able to dramatically improve some of the media buying operations using our software.

The Multi-User Access Add-on Module

This powerful add-on will allow you to create specific roles for your employees and limit access to certain parts of the application from those workers.

If you’re a Thrive user, simply log out and back into your app to get the update, or if you’re a Managed Client, it should already be available for you.

Multi-User Access Module

Create Sub-Users Under Specific Roles

You can create specific roles, then assign sub-users to those roles.

For example, maybe you have someone who is only responsible for creating new landing pages and adding them to Thrive.

You can create a role for something like “Landing Page Designer” and only give that role the permission over the landing pages section of Thrive:

Once the role is created, you can then create a sub-user and assign them that role:

You add multiple sub-users to your Thrive install and assign them the same role.

Only Allow Specific Campaigns per Sub-User

If you have multiple media buyers but don’t want each media buyer to see all of the campaigns in the installation, you can restrict which campaigns can be seen by whom.

You can create a role that only gives a sub-user control over specific campaigns you designate:

Additionally, they can still create new campaigns, but the new campaigns they create are only visible to them, not to the other sub-users.

Virtually all areas of the application can be restricted from sub-users, so you have total control over permissions!

If you haven’t tried THRIVE yet, please sign up now for a 30 day trial!

The Cloaker / Bot Filter Add-on Module for Thrive Now Available

April 30, 2015 by Tom Fang No Comments

We have just launched our brand new, off the factory line, add-on module for THRIVE to all our users called the Cloaker/Bot Filter module. For the first time, your tracking and cloaking needs can be under one roof!

Cloaker/Bot Filter Module

Tutorial Walk-Through

We produced a full walk-through tutorial for our users, but I’ve also decided to post it here because it is able to show exactly what this module can do at this point. Keep in mind, we just launched this, and it’s only the beginning!

Cloaker/Bot Filter Module

Advanced Capabilities

We are just getting started with this module, but in my opinion, it is already quite robust.

  • Automatically detect bot traffic and filter it out in separate reporting
  • Create custom filters for cloaking based on the following criteria:
  • – Browser
    – Country
    – Device Type
    – Device Brand
    – Device Model
    – ISP/Carrier
    – IP Address List
    – Known Bots
    – Operating System
    – Referrer String
    – URL Parameter
    – User Agent String

  • Send cloaked traffic to a “safe page” of your choosing
  • Separate bot and cloaked traffic reporting so the data does not contaminate your real traffic data

For the future, we will be working on ways to detect VPN/proxies and spy tools.

Please note, that we are not in the business of cloaking specific traffic sources as THRIVE must stay 100% compliant. This is a do-it-yourself cloaker that basically allows you to customize your own cloaker. We may partner with a 3rd party in the future for this.

If you still have not tried THRIVE yet, now is the perfect time to sign up. You get access to all our add-on modules during your trial period.