We do it first, then we automate it for you.

iPyxel Creations’ mission is to create innovative demand-side technology to allow businesses and brands of all sizes access to efficient management, automation, and optimization of digital ad campaigns. We promote do-it-yourself digital advertising and performance based customer acquisition.

We strive to maintain a personal dialogue with our customers, followers, and partners so that we may pinpoint the needs of our stakeholders, properly serve the needs of our ecosystem, bring transparency to digital advertising, and advance our industry as a collective.

Our products aim to make campaign creation, ad management, and performance optimization more efficient through automation and cross-platform data aggregation. We focus on performance, customer acquisitions, and the bottom line.

Since its founding in early 2012, iPyxel Creations has taken no outside funding. We actively purchase digital media and have successfully run display, social, search, and mobile campaigns, which not only allows us to reinvest into technology, it gives us the necessary expertise to build it.

The Team

Tom Fang
Founder |
Tom is the Founder of iPyxel Creations, which he funded out of his own pocket upon leaving an early career in real estate private equity. He has been a successful performance marketer, particularly in the areas of social media, search, and mobile, and has a relentless passion for product, design, and user experience. Prior to digital marketing, Tom spent 2 years analyzing and executing real estate investment transactions at Walton Street Capital. He graduated magna cum laude from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.Sc. in Economics in Finance.
David is a detail-oriented software engineer with a background in media and advertising. He’s been developing web applications for over 10 years in PHP5, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and the Zend Framework. Prior to joining iPyxel, David was Studio Manager at Jay Silverman Productions in Hollywood where he worked in cinematography and maintained servers and web applications. Prior to working in Hollywood, David started in media at the Brooks Institute of Photography. The mixture of programming and media experience has made David extremely well-rounded technically. David Fairbanks
Senior Engineer
Aziz Kamara
Marketing Associate
Aziz is a marketing machine. Diving head first, he spends his time trail-blazing multiple traffic sources to understand all their ins and outs. He is relentless at finding the right answers. In addition, he produces much of our blog posts and provides the best customer service one man can provide to our readers and users. Prior to joining iPyxel Creations, Aziz was an administrator at a hospital chain. Aziz attended North Dakota State University. Aside from performance marketing, Aziz is an avid musician with the guitar as his instrument of choice.