POFpro Ad Platform

Today we’re finally launching POFpro, a new premium demand-side ad platform specifically for marketers to track, automate, and scale the Plenty of Fish traffic source, into a public beta.

This product is the proudest thing we’ve ever put out as we continue to transition into a technology-focused, product-obsessed company. We’ve been in private beta with just under 100 users to date and really worked hard to make the most advanced, yet easy to use product.

If you market on POF or have thought about it but found it difficult to get started, this is THE platform for you. POF’s laser sharp demographic targeting capabilities rivals that of Facebook and is perfect for performance marketers and for startups focused on user acquisition in the dating space.

Fully Integrated, Premium Experience

Fully integrated with POF’s self-serve ad system, POFpro aims to transform POF marketing to its simplest, most intuitive form, allowing newcomers to get started much more smoothly, as well as allowing the experienced to scale faster and do it in a fraction of the time.

Currently there isn’t really a solution out there that does what POFpro does. What people have duct-taped together are things that make you export reports from multiple platforms and leave it to you to mash it up in Excel. POFpro is trying to bring the similar premium experience that Facebook Ads API users enjoyed, but to POF Ads.

The basic foundation is we drill down to the specific ROI of a creative with no extra effort from one central interface. Then, with the incredibly granular data, we are able to apply advanced features like rule-based auto-optimization and day-parting, which all contribute to users spending less time monitoring campaigns and to scale faster.

Ben Louie of POF Ads

“I’ve been working with Tom as they’ve developed this technology over the past year,” says Ben, Senior Account Manager at POF Ads. “All I have to say is: just try it out. This piece of technology is a complete game changer for any POF advertiser. If you’re new, they have an expansive training guide that they used to charge for, now it’s 100% free as part of the platform.”

Integration with WhatRunsWhere

In addition, we also did a small integration with the guys at WhatRunsWhere inside POFpro. Users can search by an advertiser, and POFpro will pop out a limited number of ads that runs for that advertiser, as well as key information such as where and how long it has been running.

Get Extended Free Usage During this Public Beta!

POFpro Trial

The software is currently in public beta, which means there will be no charge to use it for an indefinite period of time (approx. 2-3 weeks), in addition to the 30-day free trial when they officially come out of public beta.

That means if you sign up now, you’ll have 6-7 weeks of free usage ahead of you before you have to pay a single dime. Take advantage of this before it ends!