POFpro Ad Platform

We reached a huge milestone a couple days ago: we launched our long overdue POFpro platform into private beta! If you haven’t been following our updates, POFpro is an all-in-one platform to help you automate, optimize, manage, and scale your POF advertising operation. With it, you get everything centralized in one place. It’s a completely seamless process.

Our initial beta testers I have got to say have all been PHENOMENAL, giving us great feedback and bug reporting and being very patient about it all. The consensus has been overwhelmingly positive once you get everything setup, so I am very very optimistic about the future of this thing. The hardest part will just be getting people to try it out!

What we’re going to do now is limit the beta to a smaller group of testers so we can sort out the bugs and kinks before releasing it to a public beta. At that point, anyone can sign up for free until we can roll out a stable release. You’ll get at least 30 days to try everything without having to give us any credit cards or anything.

Hit us up at Affiliate Summit West 2013 in Vegas!

Affiliate Summit West 2013

In the midst of all this, we’re also getting on a flight to Vegas tomorrow morning to attend Affiliate Summit West. If you’re going to be there, please hit us up. We’ll be at all the main meetups and parties. Just email/tweet/whatever. If I have my laptop with, please ask for a demo of POFpro if you’re interested.

That’s it, just a short update. Can’t wait to see some familiar and new faces this weekend!