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Consolidate Data from Multiple Reports Quickly Using Pivot Tables

March 17, 2012 5 Comments by Tom Fang

In a previous Excel tutorial on pivot tables, I showed you how you can easily analyze data when you have one large complicated table. What if, however, you had 2 tables? As marketers, we work with multiple networks, tracking platforms, and traffic sources. They each generate their own reports. It’s always been a hassle to […]

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Fast Mobile Data Analysis via Excel Pivot Tables

February 18, 2012 4 Comments by Tom Fang

The name “Pivot Table” somehow makes it sound like it’s some advanced gizmo only reserved for the Excel wizards.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  It’s an easy, fast, yet powerful, way for marketers who are not familiar with Excel to quickly be able to analyze large amounts of data.  So, if Excel gives you a […]

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Excel Tutorial Series (Part 3): Filtering Unique Entries and Combining Reports

February 1, 2012 4 Comments by Tom Fang

This is the 3rd and final part of this Excel tutorial series. If you haven’t watched the previous 2 parts, please go watch those first: Part 1 and Part 2.  Remember to download the Follow Along Workbook to follow along with the tutorial. If you’ve already completed Part 1 and Part 2, use the same […]

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