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Broker Traffic & Start an Affiliate Network Using the CPA Cost Model

March 23, 2015 2 Comments by Tom Fang

As an affiliate marketer, you’ve probably been buying traffic from certain traffic sources and then promoting offers to that traffic. In between, you are adding value through your own special optimization funnel. Once you start getting good at it, you might find yourself not having enough time in a day. To scale up, you could […]

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Create Multiple Branches of Split Tests in a Single Funnel

March 10, 2015 2 Comments by Tom Fang

As you get better and better as a performance marketer, you’ll notice you need to track ever more complex funnels. For direct response campaigns, you might just have a single landing page that links to a single offer, or, sometimes traffic is linked directly to the offer. As you get more advanced, however, you might […]

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How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: Offer Attributions

February 7, 2015 No Comments by Tom Fang

Last week, we did a tutorial on Method 1 of tracking up-sells: tracking One-Click Up-sells. Today, we will introduce a more complicated, but perhaps more powerful, way of tracking up-sells that allows you to attribute up-sell conversions to different offers. So, you can have an offer for the primary conversion, and separate offers for each […]

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