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How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: Offer Attributions

February 7, 2015 No Comments by Tom Fang

Last week, we did a tutorial on Method 1 of tracking up-sells: tracking One-Click Up-sells. Today, we will introduce a more complicated, but perhaps more powerful, way of tracking up-sells that allows you to attribute up-sell conversions to different offers. So, you can have an offer for the primary conversion, and separate offers for each […]

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How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: One-Click Up-Sells

January 31, 2015 No Comments by Tom Fang

If you need to track up-sells for your campaigns, we’ve got you covered in this post. There are 2 ways to track up-sells, and there are benefits to each. Of course, we’ll be demonstrating this with the best tracking platform on the planet: THRIVE. Method 1: One-Click Up-Sells This Method 1 allows you to add […]

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Conquer Long Copy Landing Pages with Sticky CTAs and Scrollers

September 8, 2013 1 Comment by Aziz Kamara

One of the greatest hurdles a lot of performance marketers face with long copy is determining where to position their Call-to-Action (CTA). Should you place it after your headline, by the testimonials, under your value proposition? Luckily, with some coding, we don’t have to worry about choosing one spot. We can create a CTA that […]

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