POF No Longer Accepting New Advertiser / Affiliate Sign-Ups!

This is going to be a quick, but very important update for anyone who has created a POF Ads account (https://ads.pof.com) in the past. POF Ads recently announced that they are no longer accepting new advertiser sign-ups indefinitely. They said … Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Performance Metrics in POF (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this two-part post, I gave you some examples of performance metrics you should look for when determining whether or not a campaign can become profitable. Part 2 will discuss what you can do with that data … Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Performance Metrics in POF (Part 1)

We frequently get asked by newer performance marketers on how we determine whether or not an ad/angle/campaign is going to perform well on POF. The short answer is, we never know–not until we test it anyway. That’s why we wanted … Read More

POFpro: Premium Tracking & Optimization Platform for POF Ads Launches to Public

Today we’re finally launching POFpro, a new premium demand-side ad platform specifically for marketers to track, automate, and scale the Plenty of Fish traffic source, into a public beta. This product is the proudest thing we’ve ever put out as … Read More

Anatomy of a SubID: 4 Things to Know About Conversion Tracking

Before we began developing the fully-comprehensive campaign management platform, we had to become well-versed with the intricacies of subIDs and the weight they hold in tracking. At the same time, while subIDs are ubiquitous in internet marketing, it’s become apparent … Read More