5 Lessons In Performance Metrics for POF Traffic (Infographic)

POF traffic is touted as the easiest/friendliest traffic sources available to performance marketers today, and with their ever expanding targeting options they’re trying to keep it that way. But with all those targeting options, figuring out where to start and … Read More

POF Case Study: Mobile Performance

After a couple of months of creating campaigns early in my POF career, while attempting to exclude iOS and Android, I accidentally created a campaign targeting ONLY iOS & Android. I realized soon after that what I previously thought was … Read More

Get More Volume: Landing Pages for Mobile Traffic With POF

With POF’s mobile/desktop browser-targeting option, you don’t need a mobile network to get in on the mobile action. You can take your campaigns, duplicate them, adjust the targeting and suddenly get some easy mobile traffic with cheaper clicks and expand … Read More

POF Case Study: How High to Bid for Top Placement With 728×90 Wide Banners

In POF, 728×90 “Wide Banners” run in the same locations as the smaller 310×110 and 110×80 “Small Ads”. If you have two identically-targeted campaigns, however, the one running Small Ads will get delivered at an earlier session depth than the … Read More