POF Case Study: How Day-Parting Can Affect Your Campaigns

How often do you day-part with your campaigns? If you’re not familiar with the term, day-parting is a strategy used by many affiliate marketers which involves pausing campaigns during certain days of the week when traffic is expected to click … Read More

POF “Gamer” Case Study

Before creating any campaigns, we always try our best to understand our target audience. That means asking the right questions, talking to friends, and scouring various blogs and articles to discover what resonates with the target audience. Using that very … Read More

POF Case Study: How Display Size Can Affect Landing Page Performance

With as much experience as we’ve had in POF, there are still a lot of questions we have yet to answer and a vast more that we haven’t even thought to ask.   That said, recently we decided to tackle … Read More

POF Case Study: Cheap Clicks at a High Bid With the 960×110 Banners

Recently, the team over at Plenty of Fish unveiled the large-and-in-charge 960×110 banner. This banner is served in the same areas as the small ads as well as the wide banners and, while at first glance, it appears as though … Read More

POF Case Study: Mobile Performance

After a couple of months of creating campaigns early in my POF career, while attempting to exclude iOS and Android, I accidentally created a campaign targeting ONLY iOS & Android. I realized soon after that what I previously thought was … Read More