The Highest Paying Referral Program for a Tracking Platform

October 3, 2014 by Tom Fang No Comments

Since our launch of THRIVE a little over 1 week ago, the response has been spectacular, so thank you everyone for the support and the continued support. We hope to really build this out into a massive automation beast of a machine for a long long time.

If you haven’t checked it out yet and taken THRIVE for a spin, do it now!

Announcing the Referral Program for THRIVE

We are excited to announce our affiliate program where anyone can promote THRIVE and get paid on a revenue-share basis. Anyone you refer, you will get 15% of all revenue from that user forever.

This is by far the highest paying affiliate program for a tracking platform, ever.

Start promoting right away before someone else refers all the users! This thing is going to seriously take off at the rate we’re going, especially over the next couple of months, so do not wait!

To access details about the affiliate program, you have to log into your iPyxel account, click on the “Affiliate” tab, and select THRIVE.

Or, this link takes you directly to the THRIVE Affiliate Referral Page to get your links.

New Features Already

It’s only been 1 week after launch, and we’ve already fixed a bunch of issues and already released a few new features:

  • IP address and IP range redirection rules
  • URL parameter redirection rules
  • OS version redirection rules
  • Conversion testing links for individual campaigns
  • Specific sub ID searching

That’s just a taste. We’re just getting started. There are major features in the plans that I don’t want to reveal quite yet :) .

Official Launch: THRIVE – Universal Tracking Software for Performance Marketing

September 25, 2014 by Tom Fang 6 Comments

Today we’re announcing the launch of our latest and greatest self-hosted tracking platform that we have been working tirelessly to perfect: THRIVE. It is the most cutting edge self-hosted tracking software ever to be made available.

THRIVE is the next generation self-hosted universal tracking platform. While we have POFpro for POF traffic and AdultAdsPro for adult traffic, THRIVE is meant to be your tracking platform for any and all traffic sources.

The same product-obsession and relentless support we have striven for will be manifested in Thrive. This is our 3rd tracking platform, and our years of experiencing in building the best self-hosted products culminates in this product. Our focus is on ease of use and design, advanced features for power users, and scale for big media buyers.

Powerful Features for Beginners to Experts

THRIVE aims to transform performance marketing to its simplest, most intuitive form, allowing newcomers to get started much more smoothly, as well as allowing the experienced to scale faster and do it in a fraction of the time.

Here is just a fraction of the features that THRIVE offers:

1) Cost/CPC Adjustments and Updates – Adjust spend and cost data for any campaigns for any date range through the THRIVE interface to get accurate profit/ROI numbers. You can also upload a CSV with all the campaigns’ costs for a specific date range to automate the process.

2) Multi-Variable Drill-Down Reports – It’s all about finding the exact combinations (geography, creative, device, etc.) that are the most profitable. THRIVE allows you to find these by generating Drill-Down Reports that group multiple variables into a single, expandable report across multiple campaigns or your entire portfolio.

3) Piggy-backing Post-back App – Use just 1 post-back URL for all your advertisers and affiliate networks, even if you use multiple 3rd party platforms.

4) Full Cloaking Module – This will be coming soon. We are just getting started and will be constantly adding high-impact features. Stay tuned for this!


You can check out all the main features on the THRIVE product page, but what I should add is THRIVE is way more scalable than any self-hosted tracker ever and can handle millions of clicks per day with ease. The only bottleneck is server resources.

Own the Rights to YOUR Data

Because Thrive is self-hosted, you will always own your own data that you paid for. No 3rd party will have ownership of your data, no 3rd party has the right to look at your data, and no 3rd party has the right to prevent you from accessing your data, ever.

If you have experience with our previous products or have just heard about our brand, we only build something if we know we can be the best at it. Thrive is no different, and comes with the high quality product precision that all iPyxel products bring, and the impeccable support that comes with it.

Introductory Pricing, $100 Hosting Coupon, & Limited Time Early Bird Discount

Introductory Pricing: The tracker starts at $99/month flat introductory price. We are expecting high demand, and will likely be raising prices some time in the future, but everyone who signs up at this price will be able to maintain this price, so get in on this now!

Early Bird Discount: In addition, if you sign up and install Thrive within 10 days of this post, your account will automatically be credited with a 50% off discount for the first paid month of Thrive (in addition to the 30 days free trial!).

$100 Hosting Coupon & Free Installation: We have partnered with Liquid Web as our preferred hosting provider. Their hardware stands behind our software. Use this link to get $100 off any Storm VPS Server. Plus, they will install Thrive for you for free. Just request a Thrive installation when they call you to verfiy your purchase.

Sign Up for Thrive Now.

30 Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

Or, if you’re already have an iPyxel Account, just Log In to install.

Affiliate Summit East 2014. Back to NYC

August 13, 2014 by Tom Fang 3 Comments

I just returned home from another Affiliate Summit East to write this post as I like to reflect on things when it’s fresh in my head. The experience was, again, more than I bargained for. ASE never ceases to go beyond expectations.

This year, ASE is back in The Big Apple. Last year, ASE 2013 was a little change of pace when they moved it to Philadelphia, which will always hold a special place in my heart, but this year it’s back to the big leagues and right in Time Square.

My first Affiliate Summits were ones of making the rounds at the booths trying to network my way into the space. This time around, I hardly went to the booths other than for pre-planned meetings. I did go to a session that was pretty interesting called “How to Leverage Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Business”. The real tidbits were actually in the Q&A, where the speakers laid out their own secret sauce strategies.

When I was thinking whether I should even go this time around, I figured I wouldn’t benefit as much from the booths and sessions anymore, but I have to say it’s the most rewarding Affiliate Summit to date for me. I am surprised every time. I’ve realized that when you just go, even without your days all planned out perfectly, that it’s such a concentration of opportunity that you’re going to hit on something rewarding.

The value for me lies in the peripheral activities such as the meetups and the congregation of leaders of major companies in the space so that I can hit multiple meetings in a few days face to face. And NEVER underestimate the value of face to face meetings. It’s night and day. Obviously, Shawn and the rest of the crew didn’t directly plan my meetings, but the event is so powerful now because it brings people who matter in one place.

I am incredibly grateful for the relationships that I’ve cultivated over such a short period of time. The tough part now is deciding which opportunities are best to pursue. Greatness lies ahead!