6 Proven Weapons of Influence That Will Get You Conversions – Consistency-&-Commitment

In the first part of this series, we discussed Caldini’s 1st weapon of influence–reciprocity. In this post, we’re going to discuss one other weapon comprised of accompanying techinques: commitment-and-consistency. These weapon is the result of our natural desire to appear … Read More

Affiliate Summit East 2013 in Philadelphia

Affiliate Summit East this year relocated to Philadelphia instead of New York, and I happened to love it. Philly isn’t the glitziest, nor the biggest, but it has culture, and it has character. I knew it was going to be … Read More

POF “Gamer” Case Study

Before creating any campaigns, we always try our best to understand our target audience. That means asking the right questions, talking to friends, and scouring various blogs and articles to discover what resonates with the target audience. Using that very … Read More

6 Proven Weapons of Influence That Will Get You Conversions – Reciprocity

Influence is the ability to get someone else to behave in your favor. Once you’ve gained influence over an individual or group, you have the means to compel them to do pretty much anything. While influencing someone may seem simple, … Read More

Boost Conversion Rates With Popovers and Carousels (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this tutorial series, we illustrated how you can create popovers to make the content in your landing pages more engaging. For part 2, we’re going to go over Bootstrap’s Carousel plugin. With the carousel plugin, you’ll … Read More