POF Revamps Ad Guidelines For Higher Quality Advertising

Earlier this week, POF came out with some new and improved ad guidelines. In light of these new changes, I’d like to try to shed some light on the situation and tell you why it’s not all that bad. POF … Read More

Increase Performance with Popunders and Exit Pops in POF

Recently, certain landing page restrictions were lifted by the team over at POF. According to POF rep. Ben Louie, now you can include landing pages with exit pops, popunders, and email captures. This is great news for all of those … Read More

Social Ad Ninja: A New Competitive Research Tool for Facebook

Note: iPyxel did not receive monetary compensation for writing this review. It’s purely our own opinion. Recently we were introduced to a new competitive research tool for Facebook called Social Ad Ninja. We’ve been using this tool for a little … Read More

1 Simple Way to Create Custom Players for High-Converting Promotional Videos

Finally there’s a way to quickly and easily place custom video players into your web pages. But first, lets quickly discuss some of the more conventional methods. Youtube, Vimeo, etc… Many individuals typically upload a video on YouTube and then place that … Read More