POF Case Study: Mobile Performance

After a couple of months of creating campaigns early in my POF career, while attempting to exclude iOS and Android, I accidentally created a campaign targeting ONLY iOS & Android. I realized soon after that what I previously thought was … Read More

POF CPM Optimization: Find the Exact CPM to Maximize Profit

Now that you’ve gotten full grasp of the basics of CPM bidding on POF, let’s jump ahead and assume that you’ve found your profitable creatives. Now you’re ready to hold everything else constant and find the CPM that produces the … Read More

How Bidding Works and What to Bid on POF

POF’s CPM-based bidding system can be confusing for people who are more familiar with CPC bidding systems. If you’re used to Facebook’s CPC bidding system, I promise you that once you get used to POF’s system, even though it’s not … Read More

3 Ways to Optimize for the Best Offers to Run

When I first started out in this business I learned some things very quickly: without testing, nothing is ever certain. I made sure to split test every aspect of my campaigns to ensure that I was making the most out … Read More