Facebook Mini-Guide: 7 Tips They Don’t Want You to Know

We don’t claim to be Facebook marketing experts, but over the years, we have learned more than a few lessons. I want to straight up just give you all a list of 7 rules of thumb that we apply to … Read More

Get More Volume: Landing Pages for Mobile Traffic With POF

With POF’s mobile/desktop browser-targeting option, you don’t need a mobile network to get in on the mobile action. You can take your campaigns, duplicate them, adjust the targeting and suddenly get some easy mobile traffic with cheaper clicks and expand … Read More

Attention-Grabbing CTA’s Part 2: Creating Interactive Landing Page Elements

In Part 1 of Creating Attention-Grabbing CTA’s you learned how to create animated GIFs in Adobe Photoshop. For Part 2, I wanted to show you how you can make interactive images using JavaScript and Dreamweaver. The first element in this … Read More

Meet Up With Us At ASE 2012!

Hey everyone! Tom here. Since Aziz has started spearheading most of the posts here recently, I thought I’d sneak one in to drop you guys a note. I have been immersed in the development of Ppro, our soon-to-be-released game-changing POF … Read More