POF Case Study: The CPM Bid vs. Volume Relationship

POF’s self-serve platform implements a CPM-based bidding system that does not take into account incremental bids, meaning what you bid is what you pay. If you have even run a few campaigns on POF, you must have wondered what a … Read More

POF Case Study: Challenging the Left-Justified Image Placement

Hey guys, this is Aziz, and this is my debut post on the blog. I hope you guys enjoy it!   If you’ve ever had the chance to check out the ads running on POF, I’m sure you’ve noticed that … Read More

Free Image Variation Pack Download for Split Testing Your Images

As a follow up to the post a couple of weeks ago on creating your own image variation packs for split testing, which some of you guys had a little trouble making the variations, we decided to put together some … Read More

To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link?

One of the most frequently asked questions: Should I build a landing page or direct link? From my experience, I’ve rarely had properly tested landing pages perform worse than direct linking. This goes back to who’s good at what. Typically, … Read More