Does Your Landing Page Convert “Above the Fold”?

The term above the fold originated from the days of the newspaper—remember those?  Newspapers are delivered folded up and the half on the front that is visible is referred to be above the fold.  It’s the first thing people see … Read More

Fast Mobile Data Analysis via Excel Pivot Tables

The name “Pivot Table” somehow makes it sound like it’s some advanced gizmo only reserved for the Excel wizards.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  It’s an easy, fast, yet powerful, way for marketers who are not familiar with Excel to … Read More

Aggregating Creative Data Across Multiple POF Campaigns

Say you decide to target younger females with a specific angle.  You might want to target females age 18-29 but split it up into 3 age groups: 18-21, 22-25, and 26-29.  Further, you might also decide to split test Caucasian … Read More

POF Traffic Volume Monitor: Record Traffic for All Campaigns Every 15 Minutes Automatically!

Update 10/30/2012: POF recently made some changes to their interface that completely disabled this software’s abilities to retrieve the proper data it needs. We’ve since made an update. Yay! Download the updated working version below. This VERY easy to use … Read More

Connect Your POF Data to P202 or CPVLab Data to Calculate Creative ROI

April 15, 2012, UPDATE: added the ability to sort the data in the resulting report! Download the latest version below. March 25, 2012, UPDATE: the Campaign Viewer now supports the ability to analyze data from multiple campaigns in the same … Read More