Excel Tutorial Series (Part 2): INDEX, MATCH, and Error Handling

If you haven’t watched Part 1 of the Excel tutorial series, please go and watch that first.  Remember to download the Follow Along Workbook to follow along with the video. If you’ve already completed Part 1, use the same file … Read More

Excel Tutorial Series (Part 1): Manipulating Tracking Codes

Update: Since POF added new reporting formats, you must be sure to use the old reporting format, which we use in the tutorial. After going to the “Run Report” page, you must click on “Click here to see previous reporting … Read More

The Hidden Truth: Why We Do What We Do

Dear Subscribers and Visitors, My goal with this site is to make every piece of content useful in some way in order to make your performance marketing operation more profitable, whether it’s done through a video tutorial on how to … Read More

Ad Making: Touch-Up, Crop, and Resize in less than 30 seconds!

I think a lot of people spend too much time tinkering with their ad images. Learn how to touch up your images, frame the part of the image you want, crop, and resize to the exact dimensions required for your … Read More

POF Case Study: Is Session Depth Less Than 5 Disadvantageous

A friend who runs a substantial amount of POF traffic came back from ASW and mentioned that the first few session depths for the female demographic might not be worth bidding for.  The rationale being that female users, who tend … Read More